Expert tips for the carnival season

Carnival time - a challenge for the skin!

Soon it will be that time again: the fifth season begins! With the help of the expert tips for carnival time, your skin can look forward to it too.

Some cannot do anything with it, others prepare for it all year round. Depending on where you are, it can be heard at the latest from traditional women's carnival “Alaaf”, “Helau” or “Narri - Narro” through the alleys. Rough weather on the parade, smoky bars, theater make-up, little sleep and alcohol - the skin has to be in So that all fools get through the carnival season well, I have put together a few derma tips for all eventualities


Got the wrong glass or the wrong partner and now herpes on the lip? Acyclovir cream works best, however. In more severe cases, the active ingredient acyclovir can also be taken in tablet form for 3-4 days. Incidentally, the blisters are infectious until the scab has fallen off, i.e. usually beyond Ash Wednesday ...

Contact allergy

Eczema or even a contact allergy from carnival make-up? The following applies here: Always remove the make-up with a mild cleanser before going to bed, even if it is difficult at three o'clock in the morning. If the skin reacts anyway the next day, it's best to apply a rich moisturizer. If the problem persists, you can have a specialist prescribe a light cortisone cream for you. After a few days the symptoms should be gone. To be on the safe side, your dermatologist can identify a possible contact allergy beforehand by performing a patch test.

eye bags

Anyone who celebrates from traditional women's carnival to Rose Monday will wake up with dark shadows and puffiness under the eyes at the latest. These unsightly, dark circles are actually deep blood vessels that shine through the thin skin of the lower eyelids. They are mostly genetic, difficult to treat and are aggravated by lack of sleep and lack of fluids. One can try to improve the tissue situation under the eyes by drinking regularly - of course only water or unsweetened tea, no alcohol;). Annoying tear furrows, on the other hand, can be treated well with hyaluronic acid injections.

Dry skin

Sallow and dull skin from stuffy and overcrowded halls and dry heated air? A boost with pure hyaluronic acid the next morning is the best way to moisturise the skin and make it appear plumper and fresher again. The area around the eyes and cheeks in particular enjoy this freshness kick. Expert tip: Store the hyaluronic acid serum in the refrigerator, then it has an even more firming effect!


What to do if you can't find the right partner again at Mardi Gras or the DJ consistently refuses to play your favorite song and the frown between your eyes gets deeper and deeper? A targeted botox injection can help here. After only a few days you look much more relaxed and that in turn has an impact on the environment: New studies from behavioral research show that those who look friendly are also treated more friendly. And with a bit of luck, the botox effect will last until the next carnival.

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