Happy with botox ?!

No, not (just) what most will think now! Of course, a great many patients are initially happy when they have been to the doctor and received Botox injections. Your face is visibly less wrinkle-free after just a few days, looks younger and more relaxed, so that looking in the mirror is much more fun.

Botox - help with various problems

However, there are other good reasons why a Botox application can make you happy: Some finally get rid of their heavy and annoying sweating under the armpits, which can be treated with Botox. Thanks to a targeted injection of the substance into the calf muscles, other patients can finally fit into the chic high-heeled boots that they just couldn't get into before due to their muscular lower legs (yes, they really exist!). Finally, there are also those suffering from migraines who can be relieved of their excruciating headaches through the muscle-relaxing effects of Botox.

New scientific knowledge

But there is another, very interesting and almost wonderful effect that researchers have now encountered: Botox injected into the forehead actually has a demonstrably stimulating effect on the body and can thus change the mood!

It really seems that botox treatment can significantly improve depression and anxiety symptoms. The effect goes far beyond the pure "look good, feel better" philosophy.

Direct effect on the brain

Until now, it was assumed that the mood-enhancing effect of Botox treatments was only due to the fact that the users felt happier and happier thanks to their new, more youthful appearance - without frown lines.

However, new findings show that injecting the drug into the forehead region can directly down-regulate a certain part of the human brain, the so-called corpora amygdalea. As part of the so-called limbic system, this brain region is responsible for negative emotions, among other things.

Alternative remedy for depression?

In the meantime, approval studies are already running in the USA that are investigating the treatment options for depression with the help of Botox. One advantage would certainly be the almost no side effects of Botox - in these low doses - on the whole organism, in contrast to some psychotropic drugs.

It remains to be seen whether further studies will confirm the effect. It should be noted, however, that botulinoma (Botox) is always being used in new areas of application in medicine - a very exciting development for doctor and patient.

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Your dr. med. Peter Kessler