No makeup? - Dare to experiment now!

Many people are currently isolated at home, looking after their children or working in the home office. Going out, working in the office or going on vacation is out of the question and even meeting friends and family members is currently not recommended. Now it's time to wait and make the best of the situation.

Use the "time out"

How about a few days, or even weeks, without any makeup?

For most women it is part of their daily routine; In the morning, before leaving the house, apply foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara or lipstick and remove it in the evening before going to bed. Leaving the house without makeup is out of the question for many. Therefore, you should now use the situation to give your skin a break. In the following article you will learn what damage the daily use of make-up can cause on the skin and how beneficial it can be to do without it for a while.

The shadow sides of makeup

As helpers in an emergency, foundation, powder and co., Pimples and redness on the skin as well as dark circles under the eyes can easily and quickly cover. Lipsticks, eye shadow and blush conjure up freshness in the face and mascara and kohl emphasize the eyes and can make them more alert and expressive. However, daily use of makeup only makes it more beautiful for a short time! In the long run, foundation and powder both increase the size of the pores and clog them at the same time. The result is pimples and blemished skin. Anyone who tries to cover them up with make-up ends up in a vicious circle. The use of lipsticks can also dry out the skin, make it brittle and cracked. As with the use of mascara, there is also the risk that toxic substances, which unfortunately are contained in many of these cosmetic products, can easily reach our mucous membranes and thus into the body. Mascara also makes the eyelashes harder, which can lead to them breaking off more quickly. An intensive "rubbing" when removing make-up can intensify this and further irritate the skin of the face, especially if the make-up removing agent contains aggressive ingredients such as alcohol.

Let the skin breathe easy

You should therefore take advantage of the current situation and completely free your skin of stressful and irritating make-up. You will soon find that your skin feels less dry, small wrinkles that are made more difficult by dryness disappear, and your skin becomes generally cleaner and your complexion more radiant. Your lips will thank you too and will become brighter and softer over time. In particular, the eyelashes can also recover, do not break off as quickly and become thicker.

Discover your natural beauty

Without makeup, do you feel insecure, not so beautiful or even find that you look sick? Then you should definitely try this experiment now and get used to the bare appearance of your face every day, learn to love it and rediscover your natural beauty.